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Mobile Friendly Websites

All our websites are mobile phone compatible.

What does it mean when we say mobile compatible?

We mean a cut-down version of your website that is specifically designed for mobile phone browsers and automatically shown to visitors when they enter your website address on their mobile device.

Your website is NOT mobile phone friendly if you see the full version of your website on your mobile phone browser.

The reason you need a mobile friendly version of your website is because mobile devices usually have much smaller screens than conventional computer screens and therefore, a simple version of your site is required so that visitors can get to the vital information as easily as possible and avoid frustration resulting in lost clients.

*** We include a mobile friendly version of your website in all our websites at no additional cost ***


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Whether you have an existing website or require a new website, you'll be better off with Wdi so feel free to take a look at our websites and features or learn about our simple process to get you started and help take your business further....

Don't miss out on lost bookings from thousands of mobile phone web surfers looking for driving instructors because your site is not mobile phone friendly!



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